Schafer Renovation Nears Completion

Schafer Renovation Nears Completion

The west end zone features the word "Ottumwa.'

Kim Mulch, an architect with Klingner and Associates, told the board they have 11 days before the first football game. He is confident the stadium will be ready.

Mulch gave the board a project update:

  • Electrical work is expected to be done this week.
  • The grandstand structure will start to go up this week.
  • Still a lot of seeding to do in a short period of time.
  • Plan to turn the field over to the football team on August 23.


A contractor installs a white hash mark in the field turf.

Installing white hash marks in the field turf.

Three crew members install letters that spell Bulldogs.

Construction workers begin placing the "Bulldog" letters.

A crane brings in the first metal beam to begin construction of the Schafer Stadium grandstand.

Installation of the grandstand structure begins.