Visual Arts

Welcome to James Visual arts!

We have been working hard throughout the year on various projects.Click the Link to the left to view artwork from your class.

Ms. Lehman
Mrs. Hughell

Our 4th and 5th grade art show will be up in the hallway during conference week.  Look and enjoy!

Don't forget the MidWestOne Bank show is now collecting entries for the district wide elementary art show.  Due to the popularity of this art show, a limited number of art entries will be chosen to be put up at the bank.

Here are a few of the most asked questions:

  • Question:  Can I enter a work of art done in art class?
    Answer:  Yes, but you have to let your art teacher know which project it is, so we can add it to the other entries.  You do not need an entry form filled out for something you did in art class.
  • Question:  Can I do a work of art at home and enter it?
    Answer:  Yes, but please follow the guidelines on the entry form and have your parents sign the entry form.
  • Question:  Where do I get an entry form?
    Answer:  Ask Ms. Lehman or Mrs. Hughell.
  • Question:  How many winners will there be?
  • Answer:  Only twenty five works of art will be chosen for the calendar next year.  These 'winners' will be sent an invitation from the bank.
  • Question:  Can I enter more than one?
  • Answer:  No, just one entry per person.