Four Seats Open in Next Board Election

May 17, 2017

The Ottumwa Community School District has four board seats that will be open for the upcoming school board election on Tuesday, September 12. There are three four-year terms that are currently up for re-election. Terms up for re-election include Michael Burton, Greg Riley, and David Weilbrenner. There is also a two year shortened term, currently held by appointee, Nancy Manson, which will also be on the ballotl.

Any candidate that runs for the full term seats will need the affidavit and nomination petition that is NOT to fill vacancy. The two year shortened term seat will need the affidavit and nomination petition that is TO fill vacancy. All candidates need a minimum number of 50 signatures to run for an Ottumwa School Board seat.

The first day to file papers is Monday, July 10 and the last day is Thursday, August 3 at 5 p.m. Interested candidates can take out papers at any time. Papers can be taken out at the Ottumwa administration office; on the district’s website ( under Board of Education, Elections; or online at the Iowa Secretary of State’s website. Candidates can also find a toolkit on the Iowa Association of School Board’s website at