Title I

Sarah McGlothlen, Title I Coordinator

Parents Right to Know

Part 1:

  • All districts receiving Title I funds must notify parents of all students in Title I funded schools that they may request information on the qualifications of their child's teacher.
  • Information at a minimum, must be provided that addresses the licensing requirements for the position held by the teacher, the licensure status, and educational background of the teacher.
  • If the child also receives services from an instructional paraprofessional, the parents should be notified and informed of the para's qualifications.

Part 2:

  • Parents must be notified if their child has been assigned, or will be taught for 4 or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not "HIGHLY" qualified.
  • When any child is provided a substitute teacher for 4 or more weeks in a school that receives Title I funds and the substitute does not meet the highly qualified teacher definition, the school must notify parents of this situation.