180 Days - Spreading a Little Kindness

180 Days - Spreading a Little Kindness

A school-wide kindness activity at Horace Mann motivated a first grade student to spread a little kindness on his own.

This week, students at Horace Mann watched a presentation and participated in a whole school kindness rock activity. Every student made kindness rocks, rocks with messages. They were placed outside around the school sign for people to take and share. The project message, “one message at just the right moment can change someone’s entire life.” The kindness rock project asks people to take one, share one, add one.

The project made a huge impression on first grader, Grant Thompson. When telling his mom about the activity, she asked if he planned to make more and he said, “sure.”

And so using markers and rocks he found in his yard, he created 12 kindness rocks with messages such as “hope,” “happy,” and “peace.” One went to work with his dad to give to a co-worker who needed it and 10 more were placed strategically along his way to school. And he has one more left to share.

“I hope they get found,” he said.

If the rocks remain after a few days, he’ll move them to other locations. He plans to make more and continue the kindness project in his own small way.

“I thought it was such a wonderful and thoughtful illustration of what we are trying to achieve with PBIS (Positive Behaviorial Interventions and Support),” said Kristen Payne, his teacher.