11 Teams Advance to State Speech Contest

11 Teams Advance to State Speech Contest

Ottumwa High School will advance 11 speech teams to the State Speech Contest February 3 in Cedar Rapids. There were 15 groups who competed in regional competition in Ottumwa on January 20.

Teams advancing include:

3  Group Improvisation Teams

  • Alyssa Carrow, Brent Williams, Rivers Maw
  • Jennifer Culver and Hasya Joshi
  • Jacob McDowell, Kierre Jones, Erlinda Aldaba

2  Ensemble Acting

  • Isabella O'Brien and Bailee Rominger
  • Jacob McDowell, Grace Milder, Rivers Maw

Short Film: Savannah Ford

Radio Broadcasting: Zack Kirkman, Anastasia Fisher, Alec Martsching

Musical theatre: When You're An Addams
David Halvorsen, Alex Halvorsen, Alexis Cook, Jennifer Culver, Collin Kepner, Megan Leonard, Brent Williams, Emma Walker

Reader's Theatre:
Kele Allison, Erlinda Aldaba, Erin Campbell, Jordan Hallgren, Josie Young, Madalyn Morris, Melanie Forcier, Martha Melchor, Anastasia Fisher, Alyssa Carrow

Choral Reading:
Leslie Saunders, Alexis Cook, Geovanny Marrero, Pablo Alvarado, Megan Leonard, Maria Anjular, Kierre Jones, Libby Horvath, Caitlin James, Kilye Hucks,, Mataya McClish

One Act Play:
David Halvorsen, Alex Halvorsen, Mataya McClish, Collin Kepner, Savannah Ford, Bailee Rominger, Leslie Saunders, Isabella O'Brien, Pablo Alvarado

The students are coached by Natalie Dommer and assisted by Spencer Sones and Alex Toft.