Douma Celebrates with Rise and Shine Event

Douma Celebrates with Rise and Shine Event

When students at Douma Elementary reach a goal, they celebrate in style.

Students used the first hour of school on Friday to celebrate filling their large “O” with Douma Delightfuls and Awesome Tags. The rewards are part of the school’s Positive Behaviorial Interventions Supports (PBIS) program. Students were allowed to eat breakfast in the location of their choice, practice some yoga moves, and watch a movie featuring the students themselves.

Kindergarten teacher, Mary Hanson, noted that some first graders went back to their kindergarten class to eat. “Others met with friends in other neighborhoods,” said Hanson.

After breakfast, kindergarten students headed to the cafeteria to strike poses such as chair, boat, downward facing dog, and tree. While typically a quiet activity, the cafeteria was buzzing with student chatter and giggles.

First graders put their towels on the gym floor and watched a video featuring students demonstrating the school’s Bulldog Beliefs. After 15 minutes, the students switched places.

How many tags did it take to fill the seven foot tall “O” with small wads of multi-colored paper? “100,” said Dylan Lozano.

“1,000,” said Keira Chanthalavanh.

Maybe the next school-wide celebration can involve counting the student rewards.