Students Help the Birds

Students Help the Birds

Students in Amy Ross' preschool classroom were making bird feeders on Thursday. 

The project was part of their snow and winter unit. Students talked about how it is harder for birds to find food in the winter when there is snow on the ground. Using bird seed, gelatin packs, and water, they made seed feeders that they will take home and hang outside. Students used a large wooden spoon to mix the ingredients together, being careful since the water was hot. "I like the butterfly on the spoon," said Kyle.

The bowl was passed down the table so all students could get a chance to stir. "You need strong muscles to stir," said Brooklyn.

Using cookie cutters in the shapes of a circle, star, or heart, students spooned in the moistened seed mix and pressed it in. A straw was used to leave a hole for hanging. Students will take the feeders home when dry.

preschool student making a seed bird feeder