180 Days - Students Help Those in Poverty

180 Days - Students Help Those in Poverty

For the second year, fifth graders at Eisenhower Elementary have identified a community need to support. “What could we do besides fund the annual Science Camp?” Jennifer Van Nest asked her students. “I stress the importance of helping in the community.” After showing a video to students about Ottumwa’s Blessings Soup Kitchen, the students wanted to help.

“We watched a video and it said a lot of people in Wapello County live in poverty and I want to help that,” said Lydia Roling.

On Monday, every fifth grader met in the school gym and filled 40 Blessing Bags assembly-line style.

The gallon-sized, zip-lock bags were filled with snacks and personal care items such as socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, and hand wipes. Students donated some items, others were purchased with the fundraising funds. The bags will be distributed to persons in need who eat at Blessings Soup Kitchen.

“I think this project is really good,” Vada Monaghan said. “A lot of people will be happy. It feels really good to do something for other people in need.”

“I enjoyed helping people who don’t have this type of stuff,” said Gannon Linsted.

“Our hope is to volunteer at Blessings before the end of the school year,” Van Nest said.