180 Days - Project Serves Dual Purpose

180 Days - Project Serves Dual Purpose

A student project at Eisenhower Elementary will help relieve stress and support dogs and cats.

Fifth graders Lydia Roling, Mikayla Jordan, Brynn Addis, and Claire Collins wanted to do a project to help a local charity. Claire’s mom taught her how to make Fidget Tools and a business was born.

The girls use embroidery thread and friendship beads to make the string of beads. And their first day of business, which coincided with Iowa Assessment testing week, proved to be a perfect match. They sold 15-20 their first day. The fidget tools sell for approximately $1 each, depending on the number of beads and whether it is a custom design.

Their efforts will support Heartland Humane, according to Roling. “We all love animals,” said Jordan. “We know they need homes so we decided to help them.”

Posters, business cards, a donation box, and letters have been created to support the fundraiser. With experience in classroom fundraisers, the project is the first time the group has done something like this on their own. “We like helping people,” said Roling. Their goal is to raise $50-$75 by the end of the school year.

The fidget tools are easy to make, according to the group, and all supplies have been donated. They have made several custom orders. “Lots of people like their names on it,” said Addis. Others like to add the name of their favorite sports team.

“If it breaks, we can repair it,” said Jordan.

“I’m always very proud of students who have great ideas to help our community,” said Principal Dana Warnecke. “I know these girls will have a successful project.”