180 Days - Turkey Talk

180 Days - Turkey Talk

Turkey has been the seasonal writing topic for elementary students throughout the district, including third graders in Krista Burton's room at Eisenhower Elementary.

Students recently wrote about how to cook a turkey. Their directions were displayed in the hallway for Parent Teacher Conferences. Acquiring a turkey ranged from going to the store to going to the forest, or Turkey Island, to kill a fresh bird. Some students thought the turkey needed to be plucked. Suggested cooking time? One hour. And of course, reminders to wash your hands or to slice up pineapple for the platter were included.

That got their creative juices flowing. This week, students were given a prompt to imagine they were a turkey. How could they convince others not to eat them?

Emerson Keith wrote, “The worst time for me and my turkey friends is Thanksgiving.” Her turkey, named George, thought that people should eat pork instead. Asked if she preferred pork, she said, “I kinda like pork better.”

Several students thought eating pork was the better option. Ade Stipp shared that pigs are fatter and juicier than turkeys. “Don’t eat me, eat ham,” her paper pleaded.

But Karen Ramiriz thought beef was better. Cows are fatter and you can make so much more. “Beef is so good to eat,” she said.

Writing is part of their daily classroom instruction, according to Burton, their teacher. “Students do a lot of informational, narrative, or opinion writing.” She tries to incorporate fun seasonal themes into some of their assignments. She adds technology by having students publish their work, which includes typing, adding images, and creating a finished product.

One student, who is not vegetarian, suggested rolls as the better option. Luckily for most students, it is only an assignment and turkey will be on their holiday menu Thursday.