180 Days - Students Share Tech Knowledge at Fair

180 Days - Students Share Tech Knowledge at Fair

Several third graders from Eisenhower Elementary were on hand at the first annual Family Fest on Saturday at Bridge View Center to demonstrate a variety of technologies available to them in the classroom.

Erin Adams, an elementary technology coach, did some training prior to the event and was on hand to assist. Adams' display included green screen technology, rolling robots, coding, and stop motion videos using iPads and Stop Motion Studio. "Our kids were very excited to showcase what they do at school," she said. "It also brings awareness of STEM to the community."

Fest participants learned to control robots as they rolled around the floor of the booth. Others used toys to create slow motion videos. One girl even wrote her name to create her video.

Caysen Thompson felt she was pretty proficient to help community members with the technology. "We practiced in class for four days to prepare for Saturday's event," she said. "I like to help people learn new stuff. I know some people are missing out on this."

For Emerson Keith, this may be the start to a future career. She hopes to be a technology coach in a school someday. "I want to teach people," she said. 

According to Adams, while the technology may look fun, it also has application in the classroom. She has used the robots to teach math skills and the green screen and stop motion videos can be used to illustrate narrative stories. "Students can even record their voice as part of the video," she said.

Twin brothers, Logan and Evan Shewry, were also on hand to assist. Logan's favorite technology was the green screen. "If I hadn't been to China, I could take a picture of myself and put a photo from China in the background and I'd be in China," he said. 

Evan also likes teaching others. "I want to teach other kids technology so they don't have to be bored their whole entire life."