Shark Club Performs Decades Review

Shark Club Performs Decades Review

The Second Annual Shark Club Show will be held on Saturday, April 8. The 75 swimmers will perform at 6:30 and 9 p.m. at The Beach Ottumwa. Their theme this year:  Synchronize the Decades - Travel Through Time with OHS Shark Club.

There will be 17 routines performing numbers from generations ranging from the 1950's to 2000's. 

"We are excited by the growth of Shark Club this season," said Cherie Langland, a Shark Club coach. "We went from 43 swimmers last season to 75 swimmers this season. We are proud to provide something so wonderful and positive to OHS students."

The goal is to provide a club where students feel welcome to be involved and hopefully encouraged to potentially engage in other OHS activities. "We provide an experience which will hopefully provide these swimmers with life long memories," said Langland.  "Jenni Keith and I were members of Shark Club in the 1980's together. We treasure the memories and experiences Shark Club provided."

Shark Club is coached by Cherie Langland, Jenni Keith, and Zana Lippincott.