180 Days - Starting the Donation Habit Early

180 Days - Starting the Donation Habit Early

Morgan Lawson

Students in Kevin Cochran's Sales class at Ottumwa High School hosted a Blood Drive on Tuesday, November 21. The drive was part of an effort by Cochran to introduce students to giving blood. "You are saving lives," said Cochran of donating. 

At the start of the day, there were about 150 appointments with a goal to collect 130 units. There are always a few donors who aren't eligible to donate for various reasons. While the final donation count was not available at the end of the day,  130 appointments were noted. 

The drive, set up in the school cafeteria, targeted both students and staff. Students must be at least 16 years old and have parent permission. Students who are 17years or older do not need consent. "This is the biggest drive Mississippi Valley Blood Center does in this region," said Cochran. He has been involved the past five years. 

While it was the first time for many students, others have given several times. Senior Morgan Lawson was all smiles as she donated. Tuesday's donation puts her total amount donated at one gallon. 

The students will host a second drive in April.