Senior Highlight - Eli Wilkins

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Eli Wilkins - This senior was not involved in any activities at OHS but he learned some valuable lessons along the way.  His defining moment at OHS was when he realized that it really did matter. Following graduation, Eli will make decisions about what's best for his future.

Describe something about OHS that stands out to you - “The teachers never gave up on me no matter how unmotivated I was.”

Favorite OHS Memory - “Graduating when everyone else said I couldn't.”

Most Influential Teachers - “Meadow Ream was always there when you needed her. Alissa Van Dam passed me in Heroes in Mythology despite my disinterest in it. Staci Jenks made me stay after every day until I got caught up on my math homework. I passed the class.  Jim Nickerson allowed me to use my athleticism one last time. Mary Alexander allowed me to pass Physical Science.”

Leadership Experience - “I was always the goalie whenever we played soccer in gym, which made me the team captain. Every year I somehow was the best at it, even though I'm far from good.” 

What lessons will you take away from your OHS experience? - “Life is too short to never try.”

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