Senior Highlight - Rosie Reyes

Rosie Reyes

Rosie Reyes

Rosie Reyes- During high school, Rosie was involved with SparkTank, Al Exito, FEA, and also volunteered in the community. Regarding the environment at OHS, “I remember meeting lots of different types of people throughout my four years of high school. OHS is a very diverse school and they constantly celebrate that. It is amazing to learn and experience different cultures.” Rosie plans on attending Indian Hills Community College and then transferring to Iowa State University. She currently wants to study environmental sciences and business.

Greatest Accomplishment- “My greatest accomplishment at OHS was making the decision to join SparkTank. I really loved the idea of doing real projects in the community. I was taught time management skills, new technological skills, and how to work with different types of people in order to create some amazing projects. I created many amazing projects that I never thought I would be able to. I learned how to code and I even created the Partners page on the SparkTank website. I would never guess I would do anything like that if you asked me my freshman year.”

Most Influential Teacher- “Definitely Ms.Walker, who taught IJAG my junior year. She was an incredible teacher who I really connected with. She got along with everybody and her class was one I looked forward to everyday. She really got to know all of her students and that is something I admire about her. She made me feel like I had a voice and I had a chance to accomplish something great in my life. She even let me practice a very personal speech for a college class in her classroom once. I definitely miss her.”

Advice to the Underclassmen- “Never lose hope. I know times can get hectic, in your school life and personal life, but it is important to remember that you can do it. No matter the obstacles you face, you can persevere and accomplish anything. At times you may feel like what you’re doing doesn’t matter, but even if you are a freshman, it does. Always strive to do better and be kind to everyone you meet.”