Senior Highlight - Alexandra Watson

Alexandra Watson

Alexandra Watson

Alexandra Watson - “School pride and crazy fun” defined this senior’s high school experience.  She also incorporated sportsmanship by participating in tennis and golf. Alexandra used her high school years “figuring out myself, friends and who I am as a person.” Her future plans are to attend Aveda Institute in Des Moines for cosmetology.

Favorite OHS Memory - Attending football and basketball games and making new friends.

Biggest Challenge - “Managing college classes with high school classes.”

Most Influential Teacher - “My counselor was always there for me to talk to when I was freaking out about classes or even personal life.”

Describe something about your OHS that stands out to you - “Bonding with teachers” and “being a role model for underclassmen.”

Advice to Underclassmen - “Enjoy it while it lasts, get things done on time, go to the games, experience the school pride.”