The majority of today's work force is employed in business-related occupations or in areas that utilize business-related technologies. The Business Education Department curriculum is designed to provide entry-level job training, consumer education, and courses leading into accounting, information processing and business administration studies at the college level. Marketing Education, a cooperative education program for juniors and seniors, is available for students who choose to take advantage of a "real world" supervised work experience with pay.

ACCOUNTING 1: Grade=10-12, Year=2 CR, No Prerequisite

Students will be introduced to the basic principles, concepts, and procedures involved in accounting. These basic principles include recording, posting, reading, and interpreting financial data. A computerized unit is utilized to bridge the gap between manual and automated accounting. Special projects introducing Automated Accounting software will be used during the year. The skills developed in this course are especial¬ly helpful to a beginning office worker, to people entering business, and to those planning a major or minor in business and accounting at the college level.  Accounting is more advanced than Record Keeping. Related Careers: Banking Services, Business Finance, Securities and Investment,
Accounting, Insurance. #8104

BUSINESS AND PERSONAL LAW: Grade 10-12, Semester=1 CR, No Prerequisite

Business Law introduces students to their legal rights and responsibilities in the business and personal world. Through class discussion, readings and case problems, legal concepts and principles will be explored. Units of study include: introduction to law, court systems, criminal law, contracts, bailment, negotiable instruments, buying and selling goods and property, leasing and buying real property, wills and living will preparation.  Related Careers: Civil Rights, Corporate and Securities, Criminal, Education, Employment and Labor, Environmental and Natural Resources, Family & Juvenile, Health, Immigration, Intellectual Property, International, Real Estate, Sports and Entertainment, Tax. # #8107

INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS: Grade=9-12, Semester=1 CR, No Prerequisite

Introduction to Business presents the exciting and challenging world of business. Through the information and activities in the text students will increase their preparation to be a knowledgeable consumer, will-prepared employee, and effective citizen in our economy. This course serves as a background for other business courses students will take in high school and in college, prepare students for their future employment or business ownership, and make students a better informed citizen for an expanding international economy. Related Careers: Administrative Support, Operations Management, Business Information Management, Human Resources Management, General Management, Law. #8000 

PRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: Grade=11-12, Semester=1 CR, No Prerequisite

Business Management includes a study of business organization, the economic setting, finance, personnel problems, labor relations, contracts, business services, and functions of management.  Team management projects and a computer simulation give students practice in making decisions and working together. Related Careers: Administrative Support, Operations Management, Business Information Management, Human Resources Management, General Management, Law. #8106

SALES: Grade=10-12, Semester=1 CR, No Prerequisite

Sales explores exciting techniques to develop attitudes, techniques, and skills necessary for a student's success in selling themselves to an employer as well as selling products and services. This course is recommended for students interested in a business career or the Marketing Education program. Related Careers: Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers, Advertising Sales Agents, Insurance Sales Agents, Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents, Sales Engineers, Sales Managers, Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents, Travel Agents, Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives. #8108

SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING: Grade=10-12, Semester=1 CR, No Prerequisite

Sports and Entertainment Marketing is a unique and innovative course designed for students with an interest in the sports and entertainment industry. Fundamental marketing concepts are stressed and include an orientation to the sports and entertainment industry. Marketing strategies along with topics in sponsorship, pricing, marketing research, endorsements, and promotions will be included. This course offers students an edge if pursuing marketing or sports management degrees at the college level. Related Careers: Advertising, Sales, Event Management, Public Relations, Merchandising, Marketing Research, Restaurants and Hospitality, Sports Agents, Marketing Communications, Marketing Management. #8121

YEARBOOK PRODUCTION: Grade=10-12, Year=2 CR, No Prerequisite

This course is for students who wish to further develop their skills in desktop publishing.  Students will be responsible for creating the school yearbook.  Students will learn “budget” basics, marketing and advertising techniques, and computer applications (PhotoShop). Emphasis is placed on self-motivation, student responsibility, cooperation, and meeting deadlines. Related Careers: Advisor, Editor, Layout Editor, Photography, Designer, Advertising Manager, Social Media Manager, Business Manager. #81180


The following Indian Hills Community College courses are offered for concurrent credit. Successful completion of these courses will result in OHS credit toward graduation AND college credit at IHCC. OHS discipline and attendance policies apply. 

ADM108 KEYBOARDING SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Grade=9-12, Semester=.5 HS CR (1 IHCC CR) Taken concurrently with ADM123

This cousre covers the development of keyboarding techniques using the touch method on the computer keyboard to learn/review the alphabetic, numeric, and symbol keys. The keyboarding goal is a minimum rate of 35 words a minute with three or fewer errors on a three-minute timing. This course has been designated as a pass/no pass course. Related Careers: Freelance Writer, Administrative Assistant, Paralegal, Data Entry & Processing, Editor, Pharmacist, Teacher, Engineer.  #ADM108

ADM123 DOCUMENT FORMATTING: Grade=9-12, Semester=.5 HS CR (3 IHCC CR) Taken concurrently with ADM108

This course covers the continued development of speed and accuracy on the alphabetic, numeric, and symbol keys. Students develop skills in formatting, producing, and proofreading documents: memos, letters, envelopes, tables, reports, and other miscellaneous business documents.  Related Careers:  Document Specialist, Editor, Marketing Specialist, Data Processor. ##ADM123


This course covers Microsoft Publisher 2000 and desktop publishing. Students will create professional quality publications suitable for course work, professional purposes, and personal use.  Related Careers:  Graphic Design, Business Analyst, Production Manager, Desktop Publisher, Creative Director, Multimedia Artist. #BCA198


This course is suitable for anyone who dreams of one day becoming his/her own boss. Students will learn how to identify and evaluate opportunities, analyze feasibility, and plan to create and grow successful businesses. The course provides an overview of entrepreneurship and its importance in society and inspires students to recognize entrepreneurial characteristics within themselves. Related Careers: MidLevel Management, Business Consultant, Sales, Research & Development, Business Owner, Management Analysts, Appraiser, Real Estate/Sales. #BUS128