ACT TEST PREP:  Grade=10-12, Semester=1 CR, No Prerequisite  

This class is designed to prepare students for the American College Test (ACT). Course content will include: strategies for answering each type of question, building college-level vocabulary, test-taking skills, pacing techniques, and methods for reducing test anxiety. Students will complete an on-line individualized test preparation plan for the following subject areas: math, reading, science, and English. Frequent practice tests and tips for the writing portion of the exam will also be included.  A full-length proctored test simulation will be given at the end of the semester. #1405

ASPIRE:  Grade=9-12, Semester=1 CR, Prerequisite: Staff Recommendation

The Aspire Program is designed for all students at Ottumwa High School to provide support in the areas of both academic goals and social-emotional supports. Students have the opportunity to attend one or two periods a day, dependent upon student needs. The Aspire team acts as a liaison between students and teachers in gathering assignments, retaking assessments, and providing the time necessary for reteaching. Direct instruction for students is available in the areas of self-regulation, life skills, organizational skills, communication skills, and self-advocacy. The Aspire staff provides a safe, non-judgmental space where building relationships is a primary goal, attending to students’ needs or referring to other professionals when needed. Aspire is a graded class and students who pass the class will earn one elective credit. #1509 #1510 #1511 #1512

ADAPTIVE PHYSICAL EDUCATION PEER ASSISTANT: Grades=10-12, Semester=1 CR, Prerequisite=Interest in pursuing education or counselor permission 

The PE Instructor and the student “coach” will work together to provide individualized instruction. Students will become a trained “coach” to provide an upbeat atmosphere in which all students experience success. Students involved in the Best Buddies program will receive first priority and seniors will receive second priority in the scheduling process.  Students coaches will: provide students with an individualized program; offer a variety of activities to promote social growth and physical development; provide interpersonal experiences with students and peer coaches; and be a positive impact on the class. #1407

SDV142 CAREER PLANNING: Grade=11-12, Semester=1 HS CR (3 IHCC CR)

This course is designed to develop students' career decision knowledge and skills. Students will develop self-awareness techniques related to interests, values, aptitudes, and personality styles. Students will participate in decision making process activities including career research, college program exploration, job shadowing, and investigation of non-traditional and entrepreneurial opportunities. #SDV142

GUIDED STUDY: Grade=9-12, Year=2 CR, Prerequisite=IEP Team Decision

Students are provided assistance and guidance by a special education teacher with their work from regular education classes.  Students receive a grade and credit for this class based on how well they use their study time in class.  #307, 308, 310, 311

SDV101 HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN COLLEGE:  Grade=11-12, Semester=1 HS CR (3 IHCC CR) 

This course introduces students to the fundamental skills necessary for college success. Topics include: study and test-taking skills, college culture and services, financial aid and literacy, health and wellness, policies and procedures. This course is required for students receiving their AA and AS degree.  #SDV101

I-JAG (IOWA JOBS FOR AMERICA’S GRADUATES): Grade=10-12, Year=2 CR, No Prerequisite, Offered at Accelerated Career Academy

I-JAG is a career exploration and preparation program that provides a hands-on approach in exploring personal strengths and challenges as well as job attainment skills (cover letter, resume, job application, interviewing, etc.) and work place “survival” skills (healthy relationships, good attendance, etc.). Students will work to build strengths in academic areas, time management, and communication. The individual and team project work will also help students come to an understanding of personality and temperament and the relationship between personal actions and consequences that follow. Students will make connections to their local businesses while gaining career interests, abilities, and aptitudes by determining their education and career goals through development of an Individual Career Development Plan. This full-year, credited course involves individual assignments, team activities/projects, academic remediation support, service learning opportunities, guest speakers, field trips (including state wide I-JAG events), and career readiness through job shadowing and/or an internship. Students will also participate in the I-JAG Career Association in various activities focused on Career and Leadership Development, Service Learning and Civic/Social Awareness. Students will also obtain multiple career readiness certifications and finish a career portfolio.  #2705

INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS: Grade=9-12, Year=2 CR, Prerequisite=IEP Team Decision

Students will focus on essential family consumer science skills including meal planning, preparation, laundry, dishes, personal care and hygiene, the study of the food groups, basic nutrition, and kitchen survival.  Safety and sanitation, measuring ingredients correctly, and following directions in a recipe are also emphasized. 

LIFE SKILLS: Grade=9-12, Year=2 CR, Prerequisite=IEP Team Decision

This course is designed for students in need of reinforcement and supplemental instruction in the area of self-management and interpersonal communication.  The purpose of this course is to assist students in functioning effectively, productively, independently by using the appropriate coping mechanisms. The goal is to increase student self awareness of the outcomes of their behavior. #422

SCHOOL TO WORK:  Grade=11-12, 2 Periods Semester=2 CR
Prerequisite=Interview with School-to-Work coordinator/designee. Acceptance determine by coordinator, administrator, and teacher recommendation.  In addition, students must be enrolled in 4 additional credits during the semester

School-to-work is an opportunity to experience career opportunities in a natural work setting. It is an educational program, not a job. Students would be at the job site two periods per day for one semester. Students would not be paid during their work experience during school hours. However, students could work for pay outside the school day (before/after school, weekends, etc). The student will be expected to: 

  1. Report to the job site on time and work with a good attitude. 
  2. Learn as much about the place of employment as possible. 
  3. Use technology as a tool to access information and solve problems. 
  4. Display the ability to effectively manage time and resources. 
  5. Display the ability to set goals, solve problems and persevere. 

The desired outcome is that the student not only learn the job he/she is trained in, but observes and understands other jobs within the framework of the specific business/industry.

SOCIAL SKILLS: Grade=9-12, Year=2 CR, Prerequisite=IEP Team Decision

This course is designed for students in need of reinforcement and supplemental instruction in adaptive behavior development. Positive peer interaction, authentic communication and increased self-awareness are the essential goals. #312, 313

VOCATIONAL COMMUNITY SKILLS: rade=9-12, 2 Periods Year=4 CR, Prerequisite=IEP Team Decision

Students will focus on vocational community skills that will aid in their transition to community after high school. They will focus on communication, job readiness, safety, relationships, and behavior awareness/accountability. The community portion of the class utilizes training and application of consumer skills at a very basic level such as independence in making a small purchase at a store and community mobility using the city bus system with support. #354, 3542

WORK EXPERIENCE: Grade=11-12, 2 Periods Year=4 CR, Prerequisite=IEP Team Decision

Work Experience is a support service offered to students that have needs in career/vocational development. The Work Experience Coordinator works with students, placing them on non-paid exploratory job sites for two periods a day. Competencies developed include job behaviors, work habits and communication skills. Selection requires recommendation from IEP team and interview work experience coordinator.  #300

WRITING LAB: Grade=9-12, Year=2 CR, Prerequisite=IEP Team Decision, Concurrently Enrolled in an English Course

Written expression, organization, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary are taught.  Students will be introduced to various styles of writing to consider task, purpose, and audience. These include writing for argumentation, informational writing, and narratives. Emphasis is placed upon developing the ability of the student to correctly and coherently express their ideas in writing.  #447