The goal of the high school physical education program is to provide opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become a physically educated person. Students will appreciate and understand the value of physical education and its relationship to a healthy, active lifestyle. Students will participate in a variety of fitness activities to improve their personal level of fitness. Students will also develop the skills and knowledge necessary to participate successfully in lifetime activities, as well as, team and individual sports. Knowledge and application of the components of fitness are integral parts of each course. The relationship between the components of fitness and the individual sport/activity will be explored. All courses will emphasize the importance of safety, cooperation and sportsmanship.

HEALTH: Grade 9, Semester=1 CR, No Prerequisite

Health Education is required of all 9th grade students to introduce health concepts.  Students will demonstrate their knowledge of functional health literacy skills to obtain, interpret understand and use basic health concepts to enhance their personal, family and community health.  Students will be required to apply critical literacy/thinking skills related to personal, family and community wellness.  Media literacy skills will be discussed and analyzed along with other influences, in order for students to effectively manage health risk situations and advocate for self and others. Finally, students will identify the important behaviors that foster healthy, active lifestyles for individuals and discuss how these behaviors benefit society. Specific topics include physical, mental, and emotional health; communication and relationships; nutrition; school safety; reproduction system; drugs, alcohol and tobacco use; CPR training; and consumer education. #6403

HEALTH AND LIFE MANAGEMENT: Grade 9-12, Semester=1 CR, Prerequisite: Health

Health and Life Management will focus on personal health concepts such as nutrition, stress management, disease prevention, first aid, and additional related topics as time permits.  In addition to the consumer and personal aspects of these topics, exposure to career opportunities will be explored in related healthcare industries. #64032

AEROBIC ACTIVITIES: Grade 9-12, Semester=1 CR, No Prerequisite

The focus of aerobic activities is to improve the five components of physical fitness for each student.  This course is “music driven” and includes, but is not limited to:  Zumba; kickboxing; cardio-pump; cardio, core and conditioning; walking, running, yoga, and “Just Dance” using Wi-Fit. The students will gain cardio-vascular and muscular endurance, strength, balance, flexibility, rhythm, and timing. The course will emphasize physical fitness and lifetime wellness.  The course will include a nutrition component with the emphasis on leading and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Students will participate in regular physical fitness assessments and create an individual workout program. #224, 225

BASKETBALL: Grade 9-12, Semester=1 CR, No Prerequisite

Basketball is a lifetime activity and very popular in our community with basketball leagues offered for all ages and intramural basketball competitions offered at OHS.  The students will receive instruction and practice in basketball skills.  Students will play 2 on 2; 3 on 3; 4 on 4; and 5 on 5 basketball games. Students will work on improving their cardiovascular endurance and conditioning by running in class every day.  Students will complete physical fitness tests three times during the school year.  #218/219

FITNESS CENTER CIRCUIT TRAINING: Grade 9-12, Semester=1 CR, No Prerequisite

Period 1 Fitness Center will target students and athletes that are serious about lifetime fitness activities.  The class is geared toward overall body workout that will encourage lifelong fitness training.  The class is designed to increase overall physical fitness and health while improving muscle strength and endurance.  The class will cater to those seeking strength and conditioning for beginners.  This class will be held in the fitness center using strength training equipment, as well as, elliptical machines, stair stepper machines and stationary bikes.  It will be structured as a circuit training workout where students will rotate from machine to machine.  #222

PHYSICAL CONDITIONING: Grade 9-12, Semester=1 CR, No Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation

This course is for all students who are serious about improving their strength, athleticism, and overall physical condition.  The class will focus on improving functional strength to create better athletes.  This is a challenging and demanding class.  Students are expected to display a strong work ethic daily. 

Speed and Quickness Component
Increasing flexibility, speed, quickness, and explosiveness in all students will be emphasized daily. Students will participate in stretching, flexibility exercises, sprints, plyometrics, and agility training.  

Strength and Weight Training Component
This strength and weight training course will be held in the free weight room.  This workout program will consist of introductory weight training, focusing on the development of core and rear chain strength.  These students will be taught the proper form and technique of exercises ranging from beginner to advanced.  Form, technique, and base-strength development will be the emphasis.  

The program will consist of multi-joint and ground-based movements, including hang cleans, snatch, and a variety of squats. #208

TEAM SPORTS: Grade 9-12, Semester=1 CR, No Prerequisite

Students enrolled in regular physical education will be participating in a variety of individual, partner and team sports. Some of the activities included in regular physical education include: volleyball, football, basketball, track and field, and physical fitness instruction and testing.  Emphasis is on the five health components of physical fitness.  Students will participate in semester physical fitness assessments a minimum of three times  yearly.  #200, 201

SOCCER FITNESS: Grade 9-12, Semester=1 CR, No Prerequisite

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn and develop fundamental and advanced skills and strategies of soccer activities, as well as, fitness concepts and conditioning techniques used for achieving and maintaining optimal physical fitness. Students will benefit from comprehensive team activities and cardio respiratory activities. Students will learn basic fundamentals and advanced techniques of soccer, aerobic training, and overall fitness training and conditioning. Course includes both lecture and activity sessions. Students will be empowered to make wise choices, meet challenges, and develop positive behaviors in team activities, aerobic fitness, wellness, and movement activity for a lifetime.  Students will participate in regular physical fitness assessments. #232

WALKING FOR FITNESS: Grade 9-12, Semester=1 CR, No Prerequisite 

This course is designed for students interested in improving their personal level of fitness through walking. Students will learn how walking can improve cardio-respiratory fitness, prevent disease, and reduce stress. They will also learn about the relationship between good nutritional habits, health habits and exercise. Students will assess their current fitness levels, create a plan for increasing their fitness, participate in goal setting and reassess fitness levels several times throughout the course.  Students will learn how to use heart rate monitors and interpret the results as they relate to their individual fitness level.  Students will participate in semester physical fitness assessments. #220, 221

ADAPTIVE PHYSICAL EDUCATION/HEALTH: Grades 9-12, Semester=1 CR, Prerequisite=IEP Team Decision

Students enrolled in Adaptive Physical Education will participate in supported team sports. The class will have student leaders to serve as “coaches” to assist the classroom teacher with instruction. Uniforms are not required; however, students must dress appropriately for physical activity. There will be individualized programs designed to accommodate each student’s needs and abilities.  Emphasis will be placed on determining personal fitness needs, the importance of exercise, and attaining and maintaining fitness throughout life.  #367/368