It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you to Ottumwa High School.  A school steeped in tradition, OHS has served our community for over 100 years.  We are proud of our heritage as a leader in the State of Iowa.

The staff  are excited to serve our students.  With over 125 course offerings, OHS offers a comprehensive curriculum to meet the needs of every student.  We pride ourselves on meeting students and families exactly where they are and crafting a program that will not only meet their needs, but create a pathway to greater success in the future. A school of over 1,300 students, OHS takes great pride in working with one student at a time and creating positive relationships between students and staff.  

OHS offers opportunities for students to be involved in the extra-curricular life of our school.  With 35 teams, clubs, and organizations, OHS has a way for all students to be part of the Bulldog Nation.  Our students and staff are proud to wear the red and white!

Once again, welcome to THE Ottumwa High School...where it's GREAT TO BE A BULLDOG!

Mark S. Hanson, Principal


  1. Attend school regularly, be on time for class and prepared for class
  2. Dress in a manner which is school appropriate
  3. When addressing adults, use "Mr., Mrs., or Ms.
  4. Use school appropriate language at all times
  5. Listen to people when they're speaking to you
  6. Use technology appropriately and respectfully
  7. Do your own work, cite sources appropriately, be honest in all the work you do and turn in
  8. Treat others with respect
  9. Treat others' property or school property with respect
  10. Actively participate in class, meet deadlines, and make good use of class time
mark hanson