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SparkTank is a project-based experience that connects students with local businesses and organizations. Students solve problems experienced in the real world and are provided authentic learning opportunities while becoming immersed in a professional culture.  

What sets SparkTank apart is the environment in which students learn. Project deadlines and operating in a professional manner, are all part of the day-to-day learning. Projects are completed by students through collaboration and teamwork.

The culture replicates a professional work environment and students notice the difference. Expectations are high when working on technical projects for local employers. Program instructors coach students as needed. Progress is monitored through regular instructor reviews.

Several partners sit on the program’s advisory board, helping to support the learning experience for Ottumwa students.  

Students completing the SparkTank experience have learned and practiced employability skills, worked on rigorous projects, developed technical skills, and learned to work in teams. Ultimately, the SparkTank experience will guide them towards a career goal after graduation.

Business Partnerships

Local and regional business partnerships are a cornerstone to the SparkTank Experinence.  Businesses can be involved in a varity of ways.  If you are a business or organization and you are interested in supporting our Student Associates please contact SparkTank by emailing [email protected] or filling out the following Survey Information.

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