Kindergarten Registration

In kindergarten, students learn beginning reading, math, language arts, science and social skills. They also learn how to get along with others, have classes in art, music and physical education. They are introduced to the library, have their first opportunity to eat school lunches, and perhaps have their first ride on a school bus.

We encourage you to get involved, volunteer where you can, call or email, ask questions, and learn about your school. Enjoy being part or your child’s school experience.

Bring the following documents completed, along with proof of birth (copy of birth certificate), to kindergarten open house in March:

  • Student Data Form
  • Immunization Certificate

Other Required Forms

Prime Time Youth Care (PTYC) Before & After Care

Prime Time Youth Care provides care before and after school, on early release and full release days, and throughout the summer for students currently enrolled in an Ottumwa elementary school. The program is located at Liberty Elementary and Wilson Elementary. During the summer, the program is located at Liberty only. The summer program is also open to students living in other districts whose parents live/work in Ottumwa.

Our program provides a safe, fun, and positive environment for children as well as for parents. We provide open communication between the staff, parents and the school to ensure that each child’s needs are met on a daily basis. Staff will be positive role models that will help each child benefit and grow through social interaction. We believe that children have positive attitudes when they are in a positive environment, and we achieve this through games, activities, crafts, as well as opportunities to socialize.

Becky Eaton,