180 Days - Healthy Snacks Benefit Elementary Students

180 Days - Healthy Snacks Benefit Elementary Students

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Meinders’ class at James Elementary were enjoying apple slices Tuesday afternoon.

The snack is part of the district’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. The program is offered at James, Wilson and Liberty Elementary four days each week.

The program is a lifesaver, according to Meinders. “Our kids need a snack to get them through to the end of the day,” she said. Instruction continues through snack time. Students were watching a book while eating their snack.

The program is funded through an annual grant by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Schools are selected based o participation in the federal free and reduced lunch program with a goal of providing more fresh fruit and vegetables to children who might not have access to fruits produce at home.

“Students get excited [about the snack] and it’s a good snack too,” Meinders said. “It’s nice and gives students the opportunity for food variety.”

“It’s yummy!” said Lettrell.

“I like to eat this at home too,” said Mavreck. “We have red ones and green ones.”

“We are very lucky to have this program,” said Meinders.

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