180 Days - Students Participate in Taste Testing

180 Days - Students Participate in Taste Testing

Students at James Elementary were tasting locally-sourced tomatoes and cucumbers as part of Farm-to-School Month. And most of the students gave the items a thumbs up!

Each student took a sample a tomato cucumber with vinaigrette salad as they entered the cafeteria with their school lunch tray or cold lunch. Jennifer Daugherty, ISU Extension and Regan O’Hanlon, a FoodCorp service member, made the salad from seasonal vegetables. The hope is that someday more local producers can be a food source for institutions such as schools.

Students were charting their votes in one of three categories: tried it, liked it, or loved it. At least two-thirds of the group liked it. “That is pretty good for vegetables,” said Daugherty.

“I liked it,” said Joclyn Acevedo, a fifth grader. “It was good and healthy.”

Several students, including second grader Alex Gatlin, liked it because it was juicy and sweet. Selena Curiel, a third grader, said she eats these vegetables at home.
“They were crunchy and healthy for you,” said Jiara Doudou, third grade. “Vegetables have vitamins in them!”

The duo will host another taste testing at Liberty Elementary on October 31 featuring radishes.