180 Days - Students Enjoy Movie Music

180 Days - Students Enjoy Movie Music

Sophia Green, Dean Gordy, Laine Krogmeier, and Kyrie Potter

Approximately 20 third, fourth, and fifth graders at James Elementary attended their first symphony concert Saturday night at Bridge View Center.

The field trip was the brainchild of music teacher, Felicia Bible. She hoped to provide her students with an opportunity to experience a symphony concert. And the concert, Music of the Movies, was free to all students and also provided a costume contest to make the atmosphere even more fun.

The concert proved to be a long evening for some of the younger students. Some left during intermission, while others stayed up past their bedtime, according to Laine Krogmeier, a third grader.

The concert featured music from “Harry Potter,” “Star Wars,” “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and more. Kyrie Potter liked “Harry Potter” the best. Dean Gordy enjoyed both versions of the “Superman Theme.” Krogmeier enjoyed the music from “Star Wars” but said he really “liked them all.”

“I liked listening to the music,” said Gordy.

Potter hopes her next symphony experience is in the morning. “I’d be less tired,” she said.

“It was fun to watch their facial expressions when they recognized the music they heard,” said Bible.