abstract paintings

                                           Abstract Paintings by 4th Graders after studying the work of Georgia O'Keeffe




Greetings from the very busy Liberty Art Room! 

November/December 2019


  • Second graders recently finished working on paper cylinder projects. They learned how to create a cylinder out of paper and cut tabs along the bottom rim to glue it on a base. They made many beautiful paper sculptures out of them by adding more cylinders and other things. Now they are working with watercolors. We are starting by reviewing color mixing. Next they will design a small 3-D puppet stage out of a paper plate and 1/2. They will be stapled together creating a pocket. Students will design them with watercolors and make a stick puppet to be used in the pocket. 
  • Third grade students are finishing their watercolor paintings. Next they will learn about weaving. They will be putting warp threads on a loom and learn how to follow the under-over pattern to weave the weft threads. They will also learn how to tie knots if they don't already know how.
  • Fourth grade  students learned about Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, which is  a holiday celebrated in Hispanic countries to honor relatives who have passed away. They saw the colorful papier mache skeletons, costumes and sugar skulls used in the celebrations. Collages were made of skeletons, some with bright colors, some black and white. Following the collages, they learned how to create a jumping jack puppet out of tag board. This is a puppet that has moving arms and legs when a string is pulled. Next they will begin an embroidery project on burlap.
  • Fifth grade students are learning about shading techniques used to create the illusion of a 3-D object on a flat paper. They are learning art vocabulary such as Form and Value and are learning the shading techniques of blending, hatching, cross hatching and stippling. They will finish with an oil pastel painting using shading.


Ms. Wilson