Water Drive Supports Crisis in Flint, MI

Water Drive Supports Crisis in Flint, MI

Liberty fifth graders are concerned about the drinking water in Flint, Michigan. The community has been in the national spotlight since the state switched the town's source of drinking water over two years ago from Lake Huron to the Flint River. The river was not treated with an anti-corrosive agent and the water began eroding the iron water mains. Unfortunately, it also began leaching lead from lead pipes into the town's drinking water. The lead levels in children have doubled or tripled since the switch. 

To help Flint residents, fifth graders at Liberty are hosting a Water Drive. Fifth grade teacher Lauren Fisher is leading the school's effort to fill a semi with drinking water. As of March 29, over 500 gallons had been donated. The school will continue to take donations through April 8. The water will then be transported to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. 

Not only will fifth graders count, move, store and graph the drive's progress, they are also learning a lot. Math lessons regarding the volume of the pallets, converting ounces to gallons for reporting, etc. are part of the drive. "These fifth graders are inspirational!" said Fisher.

Other district students, including the Evans' Leadership Class and the OHS JROTC, are collecting water as well. 

Shipping is being donated by relatives of Wenk Podliska, a teacher at Liberty. The relatives own a large greenhouse in Nebraska and ship all over the Midwest.  They have graciously offered to donate shipping as well as fuel costs.

To donate, contact Liberty Elementary School at 682-4502.