180 Days - Transition to Ottumwa School Easy

180 Days - Transition to Ottumwa School Easy

Jamelia Artis

Sometimes transferring to a new school can be hard. That wasn't the case for Jamelia Artis, a fourth grader at Liberty Elementary. 

Artis moved to Ottumwa over the holidays. She had a good feeling about the building on the first day. "The principal took us (she has two brothers who attend Liberty, too) to our classes and told us all about the school," she said. "It's a pretty cool school with a bunch of windows."

She basically likes all her classes . . . except for gym. "We have to run a whole bunch of laps," she said. At her previous school, they started PE with some exercises and then moved to the game. As far as academics, "I am ahead in some things, not in others," she said. Her favorite books are "Dear Dumb Diary" and she loves art, especially drawing people. 

She has also made several new friends already and likes her teacher. "I like the way she breaks down the wording in math," she said. "It helps you understand. She also helps us separately with our reading skills."

"Welcoming students new to the Ottumwa community is one of the best parts of being a principal," said Dawn Sievertsen, Liberty principal. "They are sometimes hesitant, but they light up when they meet their teacher and classmates."