Bus Etiquette Important Lesson

Bus Etiquette Important Lesson

The first days of school for students in the Ottumwa Community School District include activities to help students learn to open their locker, find their classes, learn classroom expectations, and enter lunch codes. Over the next few days, elementary students will also participate in activities to learn how to ride a school bus.

While not every student rides the bus to school daily, most students will take a field trip over the course of the year. Learning that the school bus is an extension of the school is important to the safety of both students and drivers.

At Liberty, students were touring a school bus on Wednesday and going over bus expectations with their classroom teachers. These include being quiet, staying seated at all times, following directions, using kind words, and keeping food/drinks in backpacks.

Fifth grade students in Chris Gravett’s class said they learned something new during the brief presentation. “Be quiet while the driver is trying to focus,” was something Konnor Smith learned.
Alexis Montgomery shared that includes only talking to people around you.

Keeping the buses clean is also important. Destiny Bennett shared that the drivers are responsible for picking up the bus if students make a mess.

“Some students think school is over when they get on the bus,” said Gravett. “This new procedure will help reinforce the expectations.”