Unit 1
Weekly family communications for lessons 1–7

September 30 - Lesson 1: Welcome!

  • Summary
  • This week’s lesson will show your child how the Second Step Middle School Program can help them navigate physical, social, and emotional changes in adolescence.
  • Question
  • Have a conversation with your child about what you felt was the most difficult part of being an adolescent. Ask your child about any changes they’ve noticed in friends and what they think about these changes.

October 7 - Lesson 2: Who Am I? My Identity 

  • Summary - In this week’s lesson, your child will learn that their identity is complex. They will create an identity map that names unique and important aspects of their identity.
  • Question - Share your response to the following questions with your child. Then have your child and any additional family members share their responses.
    • Who am I?
    • What are the most important aspects of my identity and why?

October 14 - Lesson 3: My Interests and Strengths

  • Summary - In this week’s lesson, your child will reflect on how they have used their personal strengths to develop an interest, skill, or ability.
  • Question - Tell your child about a skill, interest, or ability you have and how you developed it. Discuss the skills, attitudes, or people who helped you along the way.

October 28 - Lesson 4: Harnessing My Strengths

  • Summary - In this week’s lesson, your child will choose something they’d like to get better at and think about how they could apply their unique strengths to do that.
  • Question - Help your child make a list of strengths they have. Ask your child about how they could use these to get better at a new skill.

November 4  - Lesson 5: Pursuing My Interests

  • Summary - In this week's lesson, your child will identify and respond to positive and negative influences that may affect them while pursuing a goal.
  • Question - Tell your child about something positive or negative that influenced you as you were working toward a goal. For example, a friend who helped you find a job or learn a new skill. Ask your child about positive and negative factors that may influence them.

November 11 - Lesson 6: My Future Self

  • Summary - In this week’s lesson, your child will imagine who they want to be in the future.
  • Question - Ask your child what they want their life to look like in the future. What skills or abilities do they want to have? What qualities or values do they want to develop?

November 18 - Lesson 7: My Path Forward

  • Summary - In this week’s lesson, your child will envision a path to become their best self by using strengths and skills they already have.
  • Question - Ask your child what skills, interests, or abilities they want to develop and how you can help.