Elementary Track Profile - Evans

Elementary Track Profile - Evans

Hundreds of Ottumwa students spent Wednesday afternoon running the oval at Schafer Stadium. The Elementary Track Meet provides an opportunity for students in grades four, five and six to experience track. Students train for several weeks prior to the event and compete for medley and relay positions. Here is a profile of one of our participants.

Name:     Madelyn Hoak

Grade:    6

Coach:    Mr. Jaeger

Events:    50 meter (1st place), 60 meter (1st place), relay (1st place), softball throw

What do you like about track?  I like to run.

Favorite track memory:  Running the relay. I knew everyone so we all tried really really hard. 

Future track goal:  I definitely will continue doing track next year. I like to run. I'm on a softball travel team and we run a lot in practice. I also like to run at home and plan to run during the summer.