Students Recognized for Positive Behavior

Students Recognized for Positive Behavior

As part of the implementation of Positive Behaviorial Interventions and Supports (PBIS), the Evans staff are giving tickets to students every day for demonstrating appropriate behaviors in all areas of the building. Students are acknowledged for being respectful, responsible, compassionate and safe and following the expectations in each of those areas.

Students can put the tickets into grade level boxes for a weekly prize drawing, use their ticket to be first in the lunch line, or put their ticket into a monthly box for a chance to win a pizza party for their class.

Winners for week two include:

6th Grade:  Cody  Raines, Makenzie Houk, Thomas Frazier, Makenna Beinhart, and Guadalupe Contrease

7th Grade:  Samantha Lehenbauer, Bailey Johnson, Dontrell Miller, Daisy Mendoza, and Ludeyshka Alvarez

8th Grade:  Jose Soto, Ava Green, Austin Carrow, Brittany Vandenburg, and Eden Anders