OM Teams Qualify for World Finals

OM Teams Qualify for World Finals

Super Hero Cliffhanger Team

Two Odyssey of the Mind teams from Evans Middle School will advance to the World Finals at Michigan State University in May after competing in the state finals at Iowa State University on Saturday. The Super Hero Cliffhanger team placed first in Division 3 and Odd-A-Bot Team placed second.

Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students. Participants solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics.

The Super Hero Cliffhanger team created and presented a humorous performance about an unexpected super hero that saved creativity. The performance had to include a clumsy sidekick, a nemesis character, a choreographed battle, and a cliffhanger ending. Team members included:  Isabelle Mellin, Carollin Mellin, Trevan Francis, Katy Cramblit, Madison Brandt, Kilye Hucks, and Karena Johnson.

Team Odd-A-Bot’s challenge was to create a humorous story about a family who brought home a robot that learned from watching others. The team had to design, build, and operate an original robot that demonstrated human characteristics when it performed tasks. Team members included:  Landen Niles, Trey Hull, Addison Ransom, Calvin Neely, North Lindell, Treytun Garcia, and Josie Young.

Two other teams competed but did not earn a trip to the world finals. Team Catch Us if You Can car challenge placed second and Team Scooby Doo placed fourth. Team members included:  Elaine Prose, Braydon Songer, Olivia Palen, Josie Young, Cale Leonard, Bret Shepard, Teagan Holman, Payton Brannen, Jacob Mellin, Luke Graeve, Carter Kendrick, Penelope Teel, Sara McElroy, and Emma Strayer.

Odd-A-Bot Team

Catch Us if You Can Team

Team Scooby Doo