180 Days - Producing the Weekly News at Evans

180 Days - Producing the Weekly News at Evans

 Members of the Evans Bulldog Broadcast agreed it takes an interest in video technology to join the media club. That combined with a tendency to like to talk.

In its third year, 14 students, along with sponsor Brian Cutsforth, create a weekly broadcast featuring school announcements, school news, and interesting facts. "We work with everyone in the building to get the word out," said Cutsforth.

The productions are mostly student generated. From being on camera to all the work behind the scenes, students learn how to operate the video camera, use green screen technology, interview, edit, and of course, anchor the spots.

With three returning students, Cutsforth has help training several sixth and seventh graders who are new to the club.

A few students have experience outside media club. Richard Morrison, a sixth grader, has done blogs, gaming videos, and stop motion videos prior to joining. He has also used his phone to do video editing, although he admits that was challenging. He hopes the club will help him improve his reading, writing, and editing skills. Another sixth grader, Cody Carroll also has done stop motion videos. At home he is currently working on backgrounds for his sets. "I came here to learn how to operate the camera," he said.

Others, like Ella Vitko and Sophia Ford, have stage experience from school or community plays. "Being on camera is what I like to do," said Ford, an eighth grader who has been in media club two years. "It's really fun."

Cutsforth hopes to add a sports segment to highlight Bulldog teams this year. "The main thing is to keep it short, from 5-7 minutes long."

Several sixth graders were new to the club this year. "There are a lot of sixth graders because they don't participate in sports yet," Cutsforth said. "They have time." Cutsforth hopes the club becomes more student-run. With several returning students each year, they can provide leadership and training to younger club members.

"It's our own little news channel," said Ford.