180 Days - Three Students, One Work of Art

180 Days - Three Students, One Work of Art

Eighth grade art projects are displayed throughout Evans Middle School.

What’s different about this project, called Abstract Group Painting, is the collaborative effort used to create the artwork. Students began by creating an individual abstract painting. Then three randomly-selected students were teamed to combine their three individual works into one piece of art. Every painting is currently on display somewhere in the school.

Gwen Marcellus, eighth grade art teacher, evaluated each student individually. They were graded on their individual artwork, a quiz on vocabulary terms associated with the project, and a 200 word reflection essay about the process.  

Loren Egbert, Jaret Thompson, and Connor Pilcher were one such team. The students used art terms learned to describe their work. “We had to balance the background,” according to Egbert.

“We used dark and light colors to contrast,” said Thompson.

“Then we used colors that complimented each other,” added Egbert.

All three agreed painting was their favorite part. And it appeared they worked together well to solve the problem of what to include from each individual’s work.

Marcellus hopes her students become critical-thinkers, problem-solvers, and learn to think creatively. “The class is not just about making a piece of art,” she said.