180 Days - Learning to Think Like a Programmer

180 Days - Learning to Think Like a Programmer

Students in Jana Hardie’s seventh grade math class at Evans were busy coding earlier in the week.  The activity was part of Hour of Code™, a global movement promoting computer science through a one hour coding opportunity. The event will reach millions of students worldwide. In Ottumwa, students across the district were spending an hour learning about and practicing basic coding.

Students watched an introductory video and then selected between four different coding modules, including Frozen, Minecraft, Angry Birds, or Star Wars. Ear buds in, they were using codes to move through their selected game.

Hardie loves this opportunity for her students. “This was my major,” she said. “They are learning to think analytically so they can build the program.” With the ability to drag and drop commands, students can program without learning the actual computer language.

“The Hour of Code provides a break from math class. Students can see how math relates to computer science,” Hardie said.

“It was pretty easy and fun to do,” said Mya Vanderburg.

“Sometimes it’s confusing,” said Jenna Harland. “You have to figure out the right code to get it to do what you want it to do. You retry until you get it.”

“Hour of Code helps us understand this is something we could do in our real life,” said Matthew Tray.