Lego Teams Advance to State

Lego Teams Advance to State

The BEE Team

Two First Lego League teams from Evans Middle School will advance to state competition after competing on Saturday at a regional qualifier at Indian Hills Community College.

Twenty-eight teams competed for seven bids to the state competition in January. This year’s theme is Animals Allies. Team 792, the BEE Team, took Grand Champion while team 794, the Party Animals, took a first place in Core Values.

The BEE Team is working on expanding honey bee population since they are on the endangered species list. Bees pollinate 70% of our food source. The Party Animals worked with Pipestone Veterinary Services of Ottumwa to reduce pet anxiety for animals that are boarded for long periods of time.  Both teams are coached by Heidi Bradford.  Assistants are Zach Forrett and Terri Hudachek. Teams are sponsored by Moore Hearing Clinc and John Deere Ottumwa Works. 

Teams members of the BEE Team include:  Kilye Hucks, Josie Young, Braydon Songer, Isabelle Mellin, Calvin Neely, Landen Niles, Elaine Prose, Treytun Garcia, and Joshua Goben. Members of Team Party Animals include:  Carter Kendrick, Payton Brannen, Jacob Mellin, Emma Strayer, Penelope Teel, North Lindell, Olivia Palen, Bret Shepard, Luke Graeve, and Chris Luedtke. 

Team Party Animals