180 Days - Giving Back is Fun

180 Days - Giving Back is Fun

Student Council members meet to work on the school supply drive.

Students at Evans Middle School love helping people, according to Camden Cormeny, a seventh grader on the Evans Student Council.

Their latest project is to adopt a school in Houston, Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey. The students are currently collecting school supplies through Friday, September 22 for C.E. King Middle School. Students and staff can take donated supplies to the main office. The items will be boxed up and shipped after the drive is complete. Supplies can include pencils, pens, markers, crayons, paper, notebooks, folders, and even age-appropriate books.

Student Council president, Anna Wellings, an eighth grader, said the council is creating posters to promote the drive. Announcements are also read daily. “The goal is to fill as many boxes as we can,” said Wellings. “Proceeds from a school dance will be used to pay for shipping.”

“We all thought this was a good idea,” said Wellings. “I feel bad for everyone who lost their home, lost all they have.”

The group hopes the entire student body gets involved. “I think we could be successful if everyone contributed,” said Katie Shewry, seventh grade.

The group supports a variety of causes each year. Past efforts have included Pennies for Patients, smoke detectors, an annual food drive, and Heartland Humane Society. Their next project is about breast cancer awareness. “Fundraisers are fun,” said Wellings. “We make sure everyone has fun while helping a good cause.”

Many times fun includes prizes as incentives. This can include pizza parties or activities such as a dodgeball or teacher basketball tournament. “We don’t always need a prize,” said seventh grader, Abby Rodgers. “We get satisfaction knowing we helped someone.”