180 Days - Practice Pays Off for Archer

180 Days - Practice Pays Off for Archer

Jeff Shauman

Jeff Shauman doesn't just practice one hour twice a week with his middle school peers. He also practices when elementary and high school students practice, for a total of six hours a week. The results, he is consistently scoring at the top of his group in weekend tournaments. " I recently learned I'm first in the state right now" in his age category.

The eighth grader has been in archery three years but "has shot a bow my whole life" as a hunter. 

Using the school's bows and arrows to compete, Shauman recently earned a first and second place finish at the Iowa Games, which made him eligible to represent Iowa at a national competition in Virginia. 

Archery "is fun," Shauman said. "I like to hang out and shoot with my friends."

His highest score to date is a 293 but his continues to strive for his first 300. His advice to other archers, concentrate and stay steady.