Lego League Teams Present Projects

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Team 792 Fancy Plants

Two First Lego League teams from Evans Middle School presented their projects to the Ottumwa Board of Education on November 18. The teams will compete in regional competition at Indian Hills Community College on December 14.

Every year, FIRST LEGO League releases a challenge. This year's challenge is "City Shaper." The contest challenges teams of students to work on projects that could have a positive impact on their community. Each competition has three parts:  the Robot Game, the Innovation Project, and Core Values. Teams of up to 10 students program a robot, develop a solution to an identified problem, guided by FIRST Core Values. 

Team members on Team 792 Fancy Plants include:  Reese Bradford, Lydia Roling, Madilyn Greene, Caleb Norman, Emma Hunger, Talise Plate, Wyatt Pruessner, Brynn Addis, and Kaden Potter. See their team website at

Team members on Team 794 Museum Maestros include:  Slyvie Monaghan, Will Rich, Lucas Mellin, Brannon Flattery, Mia Bishop, Carlos Jimenez, Josie Aljets, Grady Zuithoff, Giovanni Hernandez, and Elise Hayes. See their team website at: 

Team 794

Team 794 Museum Maestros