Evans FIRST LEGO League Competition

Lego Team

FIRST LEGO League is SuperPowered this Season.  Our team problem was to create a better path for electricity to flow.  Using our Invention Convention and Engineering Design Concepts our two competition teams are preparing their presentations for the December 17th FIRST Lego League Robotics Competition.

Team 792 Energy Empire has taken solar charging to the next level with a way to charge your cell phone using fluorescent and sunlight to keep a constant charge without pulling energy from the electrical grid. They are 6th Grade TAG Students at Evans Middle School. Students Pictured: Megan Jobe, Blake Goldsmith, Ben Logan, Olivia Fowler, Ava Jordan, Skyler Brown, Andrew O’Dell, Kendrick Rath, Harper Jaeger. 

Team 794 the S.Y.T.H.S. are helping your electricity adapt in your home by adding additional resistors to your power strips to help older homes adapt to new electronics and update your wiring from common copper to nickel plated protecting you from electrical fires. Students pictured are 7th and 8th Grade TAG students from Evans Middle School.  Noah Fogle, Kayla Simmons, Daniel Sierra, Raina Plate, Maverick Rath, Ramon Hernandez, Lily Garrison, Joey Naumann,Mckenna Ryan (not pictured).