Rewards of School Board Service

by the Iowa Association of School Boards

Serving on a school board is a challenging job that requires leadership, vision, and dedication. A school board member is entrusted wtih one of the most important responsibilities that can be assigned to a citizen:  ensuring the Iowa schools help students reach high levels of educational achievement. Serving on a school board is a crucial aspect of grassroots democracy.

PK-12 School Boards

PK-12 school board members are elected by their local communities to serve four-year terms. School districts are subdivisions of the state and most general laws regarding conduct of public officials and handling of public funds apply to members of the local board of education. Iowa has 327 school districts with five- or seven-member boards. 

PK-12 School Board Facts

  • Board seats in Iowa:  1,863
  • Male board members:  60%
  • Female board members:  40%
  • Five-member boards:  218
  • Seven-member boards:  112
  • Iowa student enrollment in 2017-18:  486,264
  • Iowa total general fund revenues in 2017-18:  $5.9 billion

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