Free Books at Wilson

Free Books at Wilson

Every student at Wilson Elementary picked out a free book to take home last week. The effort was supported by Scholastic and a local donor.

“This is the first time every student at Wilson was able to get a book during the annual spring book fair,” said Joni Nicholson, elementary media specialist. “They were extremely excited.”

Tuesday morning, Lisa Lott’s second graders were busy picking out their free book. “This is a nice surprise,” Nicholson told the students as she shared the news. Some popular books were already gone, including the Shopkins books. Graphic novels and Disney books were also very popular. “Anything on TV they like in books,” Nicholson said.

River Ross picked “Legendary Tricks” as his free book. “It’s about skateboarding and my dad is going to teach me how to skateboard,” he said.

“Beauty and the Beast” was the book Analia Toloza selected. “I watched the new movie and I liked it,” she said.

Bryan Guerro found a book about dinosaurs. “I like them,” he said.

Paloma Baeza picked up an Owl Diaries book, part of a series of books she likes to read. The series is very popular, according to Lott. “The books have two girls who are best friends like me and Analia,” Baeza said.

And for a cat lover, “Pete the Cat” was Alejandro Melchor-Mendoza’s choice. He also has a cat at home.

“We want to thank the donors for giving kids the opportunity to get a book,” said Lott. “The free books will encourage students to read at home and to read with their parents.”

“This is a real benefit to kids,” said Nicholson. And the timing is just right to add to every child’s summer reading collection, she noted.