180 Days - Recycling and Creativity Used for Float

180 Days - Recycling and Creativity Used for Float


How many bottle caps does it take to create a float?

Wilson School students, parents and school staff found out while building a float for the Homecoming Parade Monday night.

For Principal Jeff Hendred, creating a Homecoming float is a tradition at every elementary school he has been a principal. Hendred feels it provides an opportunity to bring families together. “It makes the school a hub where people can come and have fun together,” he said. “It creates a memory.”

Parent Kolby Streeby was coordinating the mural portion of the float using bottle tops. Others were painting cardboard tubes mimic large markers that students will carry. The theme for Wilson's float is “Many Hands One District.” Streeby had found the idea of using recycled bottle tops online and recently completed a mural for Main Street Ottumwa for their annual Art Walk event. After the parade, Hendred plans to hang the mural in a prominent location in the school. 

Hendred invites all students to participate in the annual parade.