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Withdrawal and Discharge

Discharge Policy - 109.4 (2) b

A serious disciplinary problem at PTYC is one in which a child is hampering the smooth flow of the childcare program. This might include a child requiring constant one-on-one attention, inflicting physical or emotional harm to other children, abusing staff, or not conforming to the behavior guidelines. PTYC reserves the right to suspend a child from PTYC if the child is endangering him/herself, other children or a PTYC staff member.
If a child receives three written behavior-related incident reports, the child will be suspended effective at the end of the day of the third report. During the week of suspension, parents will meet with program director to determine the conditions for reinstatement.

If behavior problems continue after a suspended child returns, the program coordinator may discharge without the right of reinstatement.

Any child who assaults program staff / child will be immediately suspended for one week.
Students found to possess weapons, dangerous objects, or look-a-likes on school property will be subject to disciplinary action including immediate suspension. Possession or confiscation of dangerous objects will be reported to law enforcement officials and school personnel.
If the severity of a problem is great enough that it could endanger the safety of the child or others in the program, immediate suspension will result.

  • A child will be suspended immediately for possession of a controlled or illegal substance or for leaving the building/grounds without permission.
  • A child may be discharged if he/she is picked up late more than five times.
  • A child may be discharged for nonpayment of fees.
  • A child may be discharged if parents/guardians fail to cooperate with the program staff members.

Harassment of students by other students will not be tolerated in the PTYC program (OCSD Board Policy 502.10). Students whose behavior is found to be in violation of this policy after an investigation will be disciplined, up to and including suspension from the program.

If a child is not able to adjust to the PTYC program, the on-site coordinator will notify the parents regarding the situation and request that a meeting is arranged to discuss a solution. If the child does not improve his/her behavior, childcare services may be terminated. Before such a decision is finalized, the situation will be discussed with the parent(s) in a conference setting.

Parents wishing to discontinue use of program services may do so at any time. Parents are responsible for requesting a refund. The refund will be issued for any unused tuition and/or fees after the regular Ottumwa Board of Education meeting held on the second Monday of each month.