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Receiving and Returning Your Device

Receiving Your District Issued Device

  1. Training/Orientation: Proper care and treatment will be demonstrated during the device orientation. Staff and student helpers will provide additional training related to the use of applications for education and digital citizenship.
  2. Fall: District issued devices will be assigned in the Fall after the required orientation is completed. Parents/guardians and students must also sign and agree to the Acceptable Use Policy Acknowledgement Form before the device will be issued.
  3. Summer: For take home student devices, the students will keep these devices over the summer with the exception of those students who are leaving the district and those students who are graduating. 

Device Cycle

  • District issued student devices are on a 3-year hardware cycle. These devices are leased so there will be no permanent markings. At the end of the 3-year cycle the devices will be turned back in, wiped clean, and replaced with new devices.

Returning, New, and Withdrawn Students


  • Any student who withdraws from the Ottumwa Community School District is required to return their device and all accessories in working condition. If the device and accessories are not returned, the parent/guardian will be held responsible for the full price of replacement. If payment is not received, the parent/guardian will be held accountable. In addition, the district may also file a report of stolen property with law enforcement. Devices will be turned in prior to the graduation ceremony. 

Newly Enrolled Students

  • Newly enrolled students, once fully registered, will be issued a device. New students and parents/guardians are required to attend a device orientation which will include signing the Acceptable Use Policy Acknowledgement Form prior to being issued a device.