Board Approves New Track and Scoreboards

Board Approves New Track and Scoreboards

Several projects were approved by the Ottumwa Board of Education at Monday's meeting.

Three senior athletes, Nik Btterson, Jarrett Blunt, and Elle Weilbrenner, spoke to the board about their concerns with the condition of the track. Students urged the board to reconsider their decision to resurface the track. They shared photos of the track surface and talked about school pride.

Jaime Thomas, Athletic Club president, also spoke to the board about the score board project. Last month, the board had voted down a request to purchase a new video scoreboard. Thomas shared additional information regarding funding, including support from the Legacy Foundation for $85,000 and the Athletic Club for $20,000. Thomas asked the board to consider contributing the remaining $65,000.

The board voted to support an eight-lane track installation and video scoreboard. They also voted to install new scoreboards at the baseball and softball fields. 

Track construction will begin this fall with the video sign to be installed by December.