JROTC Goes to Camp

JROTC Goes to Camp

Heather McCabe

Several JROTC students from Ottumwa High School recently attended the Junior Cadet Leadership Course (JCLC) at Camp Dodge in Des Moines. Over 200 cadets from Iowa, Missouri, and Michigan participated. 

Students participated in several activities throughout the week, including Presidential Fitness Test, Drown Proofing/Water Survival, Land Navigation (compass, pace count), Leader Reaction Course, Rappelling, Obstacle Course, Rope Bridging, Rock Climbing, and Drill and Ceremony.

The camp is considered Adventure Training. OHS Cadets are mixed with cadets from other schools to form Squad (10), Platoon (20), Company (80), and Battalion (240) structure.  Cadets are selected for leadership at the various levels daily,

The last day of camp the three companies have a competition against each other in all of the skills they were taught.  Each event was worth points and the company with the most points wins (they are tested on the highlighted events and a 5K run).

After the camp, the best company and the best leader from each school are given an award.  This year's Best Leader from OHS was Cadet SSG Heather McCabe.

Cadets attending JCLC 2017 included:  Heather McCabe, Tyler Tucker, Ricky McPheter, Robert McCoy, Allora Johnson-Dotson, Skyler Houghtaling, Dylan Marley, Abby Gravett, Ethan Hernandez, Ireland Garrett, Leslie Salas, Kasey Wainwright, Anthony Phengsiroun, Dawson McElroy, and Marguerite Morrow-Lang.