180 Days - Project Supports Children's Hospital

180 Days - Project Supports Children's Hospital

The Bracelets For Blank project at Eisenhower Elementary has resulted in a donation of toys and games to Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines.

Seven students started making bracelets this fall and raised $560. The group enjoyed making rubber band bracelets and wanted to combine their love of bracelet making with a service project. They sold bracelets to their friends, but also received donations, including a donation from Team Trevor.

The group went shopping in early December with their proceeds. Using the Child Life Wish List published by the hospital, the students purchased mobiles for cribs, baby dolls, new release movies, craft supplies, Legos, and Playdoh. “We had a lot of money to buy toys,” said Mia Garcia. “It felt so good when the project ended. We want to do another project since this one made us so happy.”

The students felt they were more successful working as a team. “We all worked together,” said Ellie Barnes. “It wouldn’t be as successful” if only one student worked on it.  They gave up recesses, came to school early, or stayed after school to accomplish their goal.

“We made a full commitment,” said Emily Ward.

While this project benefited Blank Children’s Hospital, the group hopes they motivate their peers. “Hopefully, other people will want to do projects to help others,” said Barnes.

Project participants included Ellie Barnes, Mia Garcia, Violet Hougland, Zoe DeVore, Alison Cutsforth, Peyton Harness, and Ean Hlammari.